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SHAPE – JR’s Summer Festival – 30th June 2023
Tickets are now available at €25 per ticket. Collection from Cpl O’Connor in Building 306 Room 122 or …
SHAPE – Food Handling Training – Brit Fete/SHAPE Fest
This will be needed for food AND Drink Handlers at Make a Wish, Brit Fete, Shapefest and …
SHAPE – Kings Camps 2023
SHAPE – Crime Prevention
Keeping your Quarter Safe Please: see attached document, additionally if you are going away you can contact …
Welcombeek Rhyme Time
Come along to Welcombeek for Rhyme Time with Debbie on Wednesday 19th April from 14:30 to 15:30 …
SHAPE & Brussels Practice Information
Please see the attached information from the UK SHAPE and Brussels Medical Centre with regards to prescription …
SHAPE – Med Centre Closures
SHAPE – Boarding School update- Dental Centre
The RAF Benevolent Fund – STUDY
The RAF Benevolent Fund in conjunction with researchers at Middlesex University are conducting a study into the …
As you may have heard, SHAPE are actively seeking to bring an opportunity for a children’s summer …
SHAPE-International Women’s follow-up
ritish Community, Thank you to all who facilitated and attended the British Community International Women’s Day event …
Postage stamp price increase
20230322_Stamp-Price-Increase-BFPO-Poster-Final_0001-cc6381faeb3f8b5635f6a65ca588c54eDownload Please see attached document from BFPO the price of UK Postage stamp price will increase on …
Calling all members of the British Community!  We are looking forward to welcoming our fellow Shapians to …
SHAPE – Families Federation visit to SHAPE 22 March
SHAPE Medical Centre – Prescription_Charges_Information
SHAPE-Upcoming Town Hall -Please come along on Monday March 6th from 12.00-1.00pm
Post BodyGood afternoon, Everyone,This is a reminder that the next Fresher’s Fayre Style Town Hall Event takes …
Help For Victims of Domestic Abuse.
Please See attached some useful information from our Health Visitor Kerry Riley regarding support and help for …
Free online parenting courses -Places Still available
Free online parenting courses -Places Still available For two supportive and insightful Parenting Courses both starting in …
Family Sunday Carvery – 19th February from 13.00-14.30
Family Sunday Carvery – 19th February from 13.00-14.30 The UK Mess is planning on hosting a Family …
Civilian Housing Briefs These briefs delivered by DTS (Defence Transition Services) are designed to help and support you with future housing options. Civilian Housing Briefs These briefs delivered by DTS (Defence Transition Services) to register use the link …

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Belgium Travel Advice –

Belgium Corona Virus Info –

UK Travel & COVID Advice –


As we all look to start some well-earned Christmas leave there will be a number of our community who will not be able to do the same due to COVID restrictions and will see some single/unaccompanied personnel and families unable to go home or receive visits over Christmas due to them having to isolate within their flat/houses.  Unfortunately my team isn’t big enough to continue Real Life Support during the close down of SHAPE and EJSU so I am coming to you the Community, to request assistance with supporting those who might need it in the coming weeks during what will likely be a very lonely and miserable period. 

If you are remaining in Belgium and are willing/able to offer some time to support individuals or families in isolation, you can register at COVID – Christmas Volunteers – European Joint Support Unit (  The information provided will go to the Duty personnel over stand-down, using your registration information they will be able to link someone in need of support with a volunteer.  The contact details will be given to the person in need of support and they will be able to contact you if they are in need of assistance.  Assistance could be in the form of shopping or maybe a dog walk, the type of support will depend on what you are willing to offer. 

If you are in need of assistance due to being placed in quarantine/isolation please reach into the SHAPE Duty Officer on 0032 (0) 0476910209 and complete the COVID Reporting form here – COVID19 REPORTING – European Joint Support Unit (

Links to other Useful COVID Information:

SHAPE-EU Covid Cert-Activation of Digital Keys-eHealth





COVID-19 Exposure Flow Chart _11AUG21 (003).pdf (

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The Belgian COVID-19 Autumn vaccination campaign started on 12 September 2022. Certain sectors and immunodeficient people are being vaccinated first and then an age-based logic will be applied until the age of 18. This campaign is including the new (EMA approved) bivalent mRNA vaccines against Omicron!

Those with a National Number (NISS or BIS) check your post boxes for an invite. 

NOTE:  A NISS will only have been issued if you have received a Protocol ID card. Those with a Protocol ID but have not yet requested their NISS can do so through the for the HNLO to assist, you will need to provide the HNLO with your address and DOB (for each eligible family member).  Those without a NISS or BIS can visit the SOIGNIES Centre (details on the AUM) after 19 Sep.

If you undertake a vaccination through the HN you can provide the details to the Medical Centre (proof batch number, Expiry date, brand of vaccine will all be required) by:

·        Sending the details via email to

·        Drop the information off at the Medical Centre reception.

·        Pass the information via eConsult.

Assuming the vaccination is one of the UK delivered JCVI approved COVID-19 vaccine then they will be able to add it to the system and onto NHS app/ Pinnacle. Further information on this process should be directed to the Medical Centre.

Those who have a NISS/BIS, and have activated their Digital Key will be able to view their vaccination status using the APP.  Further information on COVID testing and vaccinations can be found at SHAPE & BRUSSELS – European Joint Support Unit (


To assist you we have put together a set of guides covering varying topics and subjects. If there is information missing please contact us through our online contact form or visit your NSE. We can hopefully assist and together make more useful guides to help others.