European Joint Support Unit

European Joint Support Unit

To provide Firm Base support to Service Personnel, civilians and their families serving with NATO, the EU and elsewhere in Europe and Turkey, in order to facilitate success on operations



Milan Notifications

COVID-19 VACCINATION CERTIFICATION – DEFENCE PRIMARY HEALTHCARE If you received your COVID-19 immunisation at a DPHC clinic (or sent us evidence for your records), you will soon be able to demonstrate your vaccination status in the same way as those …
Milan – June Newsletter
The latest monthly Newsletter for Milan can now be found on the Milan location page: Direct Link Milan Location Page
New Local Overseas Allowance Implementation – Presentation
Explaining the new Local Overseas Allowance From 1 July 2021, the way in which the Armed Forces’ Local Overseas Allowance (LOA) is calculated will be changing. The new model will mean that all Service Personnel claimants of LOA, and their …
Army – Jive Responsive App
Please see the following army specific links for the Jive Responsive App, MyArmy, MyLeave: Jive-Responsive-App-MyArmyDownload MyLeave_How_to_GuideDownload MyLEAVE_PosterDownload
Adventurous Training (AT)
Sirs, Ma’ams, Ladies and Gents, I hope you are all well.  As COVID restrictions change there may be some opportunities to complete Adventurous Training (AT) at your location (many activities are being/already planned).  Personnel who want to organise AT should …
EJSU Clothing Demands
Team, In order to make life a little easier I am trialing a system whereby staff (Less Mons) can demand clothing online – the form can now be found on all location 'Guides' pages under 'Online Forms' or here. As …
Milan – Latest Newsletter
The latest monthly Newsletter for Milan can now be found on the specific location's page: Direct Link Milan Location Page
BFPO Service Update
BFPO Service Update as at 0900Z 28 Apr 2021: BFPO Customers are reminded that from 4 May 2021, BFPO will no longer be accepting mail items intended for export to overseas BFPO locations, which do not comply with current International Mail …
CEP – New Email Address
Please note, the Central European Practice (CEP) group email address has now been changed to the following:
Following the change in healthcare contractors Defence Primary Healthcare –DPHC(O) HQ would like to assess the continuity of quality healthcare you receive. The aim of this survey is so that we can monitor and improve the quality of that communication and …
Welfare – Courage to Care
Please see the following information regarding Courage to Care:
Death of His Royal Highness Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh
On 9 April 2021 Buckingham Palace announced the death of His Royal Highness The Duke of Edinburgh. EJSU join with people around the world in mourning his loss.  Further information is available at
Project VULCAN Customer Needs Analysis Survey
The Global Support Organisation (GSO) comprises the European Joint Support Unit (EJSU) with 16 National Support Elements (NSE), the Germany Enabling Office (GEO) and the Global Administration Unit (GAU).  Each of these Units provide different levels of support to their …
Local Overseas Allowance Update: New OPVP for Service personnel
From 1 April 2021 Service personnel who are permanently assigned overseas and receive Local Overseas Allowance will have access to a new Overseas Private Vehicle Provision (OPVP). Please follow the Def Net link below (only available on MODNET) to find …
CEP – COVID Vaccination Info
If you have had the COVID vaccine in one of the ISODET locations via Host Nation provider or a FCDO lead clinic please email us with the date of the vaccination, the name of the vaccine and the batch number.
Personnel returning vehicles to the UK
The cessation of membership of the European Union means that personnel (and their dependants) returning back to Great Britain on assignment, end of tour/contract, or change in Family circumstances now need to apply for ‘Transfer of Residence’ (TOR) in order …
COVID19 – Marking the anniversary of U.K Lockdown
EJSU mark the anniversary of the UK COVID19 lockdown. – Video Link will not work on MODNET–WiSx7g One year ago we isolated, vaguely aware of the impact and changes happening because of COVID-19. Little could we have imagined what …
Milan – Latest Newsletter now live
Please see the following link to the latest Newsletter: Direct Link – April NewsletterDownload
DAN 18 V 6.4
Please find the link to DAN18 V6.4 on Defence Gateway
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