European Joint Support Unit

European Joint Support Unit

To provide Firm Base support to Service Personnel, civilians and their families serving with NATO, the EU and elsewhere in Europe and Turkey, in order to facilitate success on operations



Milan Notifications

Welfare Zoom Call – Getting Through Tough Times
Getting Through Tough Times – an online Zoom session delivered by the Welfare Team and Dr Philippa Grace, Educational and Child Psychologist, focussed on supporting families and serving personnel.  The sessions links with ongoing work in schools to support psychological …
Pension Awareness Week (13-17th Sep 21)
Good Morning Sirs/Ma’am/All, The Forces Pension Society will be running an Armed Forces Pension presentation/webinar, as per the following posters: AFPAW21-Poster-ArmyDownload 20210831-PAW-POSTERDownload Please publicise amongst your military personnel as there will be some useful information being released. There will be a …
Milan – Latest Newsletter
Please see attached the latest Milan Community Newsletter: Direct Link Milan Location Page
Milan – Latest Newsletter
The latest monthly Newsletter for Milan can now be found on the Milan location page: Direct Link Milan Location Page
WIN10 – Get Ready!
What is MY LAPTOP Project? Defence Digital are delivering a modernisation project this year to move us to a primarily laptop based estate. You’ll be issued with a personal laptop which will follow you throughout your MOD career even if …
Information for Covenant Champions
Good Morning! Please disseminate amongst your communities….. If it has escaped your attention, this week is Armed Forces Week, which has seen various events around the country. One event which will be of interest to people who are due to …
General Practice – Data Matters
General Practice Data for Planning and Research (GPDPR) and the Defence Health Record – No Defence data will be transferred to the GPDPR system. There has been coverage about the GDPDR and the sharing of health data in the media recently. …
RAF Benevolent Fund Update
Please find attached below an updated guide to the RAF Benevolent Fund’s services, who they can support and the different areas they cover. At the same time, please see their latest vacancy for a Community Engagement Worker, as you may …
Welfare – UK Boarding Schools New Directory
Forces Directory, message from Diane Weir – We have published the new directory on our website UK Boarding School Specialists: Anderson Education The directory will be promoted on social media and families will be encouraged to download the directory as a pdf. …
Many of you will be aware of the changes to the rules for returning your personal belongings back to the UK at the end of an assignment due to BREXIT.  These rules included the need to apply for a Return …
COVID-19 VACCINATION CERTIFICATION – DEFENCE PRIMARY HEALTHCARE If you received your COVID-19 immunisation at a DPHC clinic (or sent us evidence for your records), you will soon be able to demonstrate your vaccination status in the same way as those …
Milan – June Newsletter
The latest monthly Newsletter for Milan can now be found on the Milan location page: Direct Link Milan Location Page
New Local Overseas Allowance Implementation – Presentation
Explaining the new Local Overseas Allowance From 1 July 2021, the way in which the Armed Forces’ Local Overseas Allowance (LOA) is calculated will be changing. The new model will mean that all Service Personnel claimants of LOA, and their …
Army – Jive Responsive App
Please see the following army specific links for the Jive Responsive App, MyArmy, MyLeave: Jive-Responsive-App-MyArmyDownload MyLeave_How_to_GuideDownload MyLEAVE_PosterDownload
Adventurous Training (AT)
Sirs, Ma’ams, Ladies and Gents, I hope you are all well.  As COVID restrictions change there may be some opportunities to complete Adventurous Training (AT) at your location (many activities are being/already planned).  Personnel who want to organise AT should …
EJSU Clothing Demands
Team, In order to make life a little easier I am trialing a system whereby staff (Less Mons) can demand clothing online – the form can now be found on all location 'Guides' pages under 'Online Forms' or here. As …
Milan – Latest Newsletter
The latest monthly Newsletter for Milan can now be found on the specific location's page: Direct Link Milan Location Page
BFPO Service Update
BFPO Service Update as at 0900Z 28 Apr 2021: BFPO Customers are reminded that from 4 May 2021, BFPO will no longer be accepting mail items intended for export to overseas BFPO locations, which do not comply with current International Mail …
CEP – New Email Address
Please note, the Central European Practice (CEP) group email address has now been changed to the following:
Following the change in healthcare contractors Defence Primary Healthcare –DPHC(O) HQ would like to assess the continuity of quality healthcare you receive. The aim of this survey is so that we can monitor and improve the quality of that communication and …

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