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About Us

Welcome the Central European Practice (CEP)!  The CEP is a virtual and administrative Defence Medical Practice based in Belgium.  The Practice supports entitled military and civilian personnel & their families within EJSU areas across Europe and Turkey, who do not have access to a MOD Medical Facility, but is expected to receive their healthcare locally in country of assignment.

Our main roles include:

  • providing ‘’reach back’’ for clinical advice to both individual patients and One (HMG) HEALIX
  • authorising payments for referrals & settling healthcare invoices for local Primary Care services, Opticians & Prescription charges
  • providing Occupational Health (OH) advice and Force Health Protection (FHP) for military personnel (ARMY, RAF & NAVY) 
  • maintaining, updating & the safekeeping of MOD & NHS clinical records


One (HMG) HEALIX is a medical management company and will manage your healthcare needs for the duration of your assignment in Europe/Turkey.  Following successful screening to move Overseas (Dependants only) by the Defence Global Practice (DGP), you will qualify to register with One (HMG) HEALIX and will be expected to complete their own screening declaration.

One HMG HEALIX will assist the CEP in ensuring that your healthcare pathway is appropriate.  Whilst in post, your healthcare is funded by the MOD and clinical decisions are based on the safety, effectiveness and relevance of treatment or care. We will attempt to benchmark care in-line with NHS standards.

The CEP works closely alongside One HMG HEALIX in sharing information, always with prior consent, to ensure you healthcare needs are met.

Please Note: One HMG HEALIX is NOT a Health Insurance company.  The support provided by the CEP and HMG HEALIX is limited to your country of assignment.  Should you travel outside of your country of assignment, you are reminded to ensure that you have suitable travel health insurance in place for you and your family members.  This applies to both duty and non-duty travel. 

Meet The Team

Officer in Command
Maj Jane Keenan

Practice Manager
WO2 Jurica Vorster

Deputy Practice Manager
Cpl Stephen Watson

Business Support
Mrs Ceri Laycock

Billing Administrator
Mr Oliver Jackaman

Healthcare Coordinator Bavaria
Mr Hans Felder

Healthcare Coordinator Brunssum
Mrs Maxine Smith

Healthcare Coordinator Ramstein
Mrs Susan Soles

Health Visitor
Mrs Kerry Riley

Practice Leaflets

The Central European Practice’s Welcome Letter should be read by all adult family members.  This contains essential information both for preparing for your move overseas and ensuring a smooth transition once arrived in country.

Please access our CEP Patient Information Leaflet for detailed information on our Practice, other important processes and how we can support you.

For a virtual insight into the CEP and the medical provision in Europe & Turkey, please join our regular Induction Webinars on Zoom

For instant and direct communication of news, events & health promotion; please follow us on Facebook or Instagram

Please follow this Defence Gateway link for letter and information regarding NHS England policy and guidance with regards to registering with a civilian GP Practice on returning to England  – Updated guidance for MOD civil servants and their family members, and the family members of service personnel, returning from overseas postings (May 22).

If you require telephone interpretation services please consult the CEP’s Patient Information Notice on how to access The Big Word Interpretation services. This link is also to Defence Gateway.


Why register with the CEP? 

Registration with CEP is automatic for Service Personnel and strongly encouraged for civilians.  NHS GPs are required to de-register patients who are leaving the UK for more than three months so registration with the CEP avoids archiving of notes, enhances the care we are able to provide, and ensures that your medical records will be maintained (as long as you provide us with reports and updates) for the duration of your posting.   Reassurance that de-registration with your UK GP and registration with CEP does not prevent access to NHS Services or prevent the re-registration process with a UK GP upon returning to the UK can be found within the Patient Information Leaflets section of this site.  The CEP is the MOD gateway for Healix which means that we review and authorise care pathways in close partnership with our colleagues in the One HMG team.  We have experienced clinical and administrative staff in the team and access to a network of Defence healthcare support. This can be useful to augment care which is provided overseas. 

What is the process for registration and de-registration with CEP?

Registration with the CEP should take place as soon as possible after arriving in country. De-registration should take place as close as possible to your departure.  The forms below have been designed to be as short and simple as possible to avoid duplication with other overseas screening and registration processes.  The forms have also been placed on to make them easier to use.

How do you use my information?

We use your information to enhance the safety of the healthcare offer in the more complicated overseas environment.  We store the healthcare information that you, the NHS and other healthcare providers send us in a secure electronic healthcare record.  The Defence Primary Healthcare (DPHC) patient privacy notice explains how DPHC uses and processes your personal data.

Please use a telephone number you will be using while in location.
Further work email addresses can be added at a later date but for registration purposes please ensure this is a civilian email address
Access To Care

Primary Care and Secondary Care is delivered by local healthcare providers in the county of your assignment. More information on local providers may be provided by the National Support Element (NSE).

The CEP works closely alongside One HMG HEALIX, who acts as the first clinical reach back for any referrals to secondary care.  The CEP will authorise and advise One HMG HEALIX on the most appropriate care pathway, on a case by case basis, ensuring that the essential occupational health element for military personnel is considered prior to decision making.

To access clinical support for your condition, in the first instance, please contact a GP in your country of assignment.  For other clinical queries, please contact One HMG HEALIX.

Virtual Access to CEP:

Health Visiting

The SSAFA Health Visitor follows UK guidance and best practice and provides elements of the Healthy Child Programme for families who register with the CEP.

The CEP will arrange the following contacts for you and your family:

· Transfer in – within 28 days of arrival at your posting

· Antenatal – 32-24 weeks pregnant

· New Birth – 10-14 days after you have had your baby

· Other contacts as directed by the CEP

As in the UK we work closely with other health care professionals to make sure that all families can access the most appropriate services for their health and wellbeing, and to give babies and children the best start in life.


We encourage all of our families to download and register with an electronic child health record (eRedbook), your Health Visitor will input into this at each contact. More information can be found here:


We would like to hear from anyone who has used our SSAFA Health Visiting service within the last 6 months. We will use the feedback to look at how we can make improvements and changes to our service provision.

Contact your Health Visitor

Please see here an Introduction letter from the Health Visitor:

If you would like any further information or would like contact with the Health Visitor please contact the CEP on, eConsult or  +32 (0) 6544 2280.



UK NHS COVID immunisation – Autumn 2022 offer


The UK’s Joint Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI) has now confirmed cohorts eligible to receive a booster Covid vaccination in Autumn 2022. The primary objective of the Autumn programme is to augment immunity in those at higher risk from COVID-19 and thereby optimise protection against severe disease, specifically hospitalisation and death, over winter 2022 to 2023.

Those eligible to receive a Covid booster have been confirmed as follows:

  • Residents in a care home for older adults and staff working in care homes for older adults 
  • Frontline health and social care workers
  • All adults aged 50 years and over
  • Persons aged 5 to 49 years in a clinical risk group, as set out in the Green Book
  • Persons aged 5 to 49 years who are household contacts of people with immunosuppression
  • Persons aged 16 to 49 years who are carers, as set out in the Green Book.

Please access this link to read more:

DPHC will offer Covid booster immunisations across Europe and Turkey to those eligible in accordance with guidance above and where access is difficult or not possible via host nation programmes.  Brands of vaccine may vary across dates and locations but all will be in accordance with JCVI recommendations. Dates for the offer are yet to be confirmed but clinics are likely to take place throughout October 2022. To aid planning early indication of intention to take up the offer is important – please complete the form linked above as early as possible.

Please note whilst accepting vaccination via host nation offer is strongly encouraged patients are recommended to check (for clinical and NHS system upload purposes) that the brand being offered is in line with JCVI Guidance.

If you have any queries regarding COVID immunisation please send them directly to the practice at

Financial Claims

Methods of Payment for Healthcare

Access to clinical care across Europe & Turkey will carry a cost at various stages and settling bills for healthcare will differ in each location.  There are various payment methods for consideration such as a ‘guarantee of  payment’ issued to the healthcare provider by One (HMG) HEALIX, cashless billing (certain locations only), submitting an Invoice for payment from the provider to the CEP, or simply paying for care upfront and claiming a refund on the military JPA system.

Primary Care

Primary Care may be viewed as day-to-day healthcare given by a Doctor/Nurse to get treatment or advice for your condition, to receive a prescription for medication or to undergo immunisations, routine optical or audiometry screening or using laboratory services such as getting a blood test.  Bills stemming from Primary Care will be processed by the CEP.  You may either pay upfront and submit your receipt as proof of payment to the CEP, or you may submit an Invoice from the provider to the CEP for processing.   

Secondary Care

Your primary Doctor may consider an onwards referral to Secondary Care.  Secondary Care may be viewed as attending Hospital for further screening services such as an Ultrasound, X-ray, MRI scan, Physiotherapy, or for a specialist opinion from a Consultant, which may lead to surgery.  In the very first instance you must contact One (HMG) HEALIX in order to gain financial approval prior to going ahead with Secondary Care services.  One (HMG) HEALIX will take action and work closely with the CEP to ensure that the most appropriate clinical path is followed going forward.  One (HMG) HEALIX will provide a ‘guarantee of payment’ to the provider in most scenarios.  Alternatively, in exceptional circumstances, the cost may have to be settled by the CEP.  It is vital that submitting invoices to the CEP is not delayed as this may incur additional costings.

JPA Claims

In some instances you may be expected to settle a bill for healthcare or medication upfront.  You must ask for a receipt as proof of your payment.  Service Personnel (SP) must complete FIN07 Form for both their own healthcare or for that of their dependants, (electronic signature accepted) and submit the completed form along with the proof of payment to the CEP.  The CEP will issue an unique JPA authorisation code & appropriate UIN to claim a refund against.

For all correspondence regarding the settling of payments or for claiming JPA refunds, the following mailbox should be contacted:

Please note:  All JPA claims for reimbursement are to be submitted within 90 days of the period concerned, or the date on which the expenditure was incurred, as directed in JSP 752.

How to submit JPA claim once you have received the CEP authorisation code:

Patient Feedback

We value your feedback.  Tell us how we’re doing by taking a quick Survey!

CEP Feedback Questionnaire:

Health Visiting Feedback Questionnaire:

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Central European Practice (CEP)
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