European Joint Support Unit

European Joint Support Unit



This site contains Healthcare information relevant to everyone residing in European Joint Support Unit supported areas.  You will also find location-specific healthcare leaflets in the NSE location tabs.  For more patient focused information you can also visit Defence Primary Healthcare’s My Healthcare Hub on Defence Gateway.

Applying for your GHIC card

Applying for a GHIC card whilst serving overseas.

Select that you live in the UK when completing your application.

When entering your address use the following instructions:

  • Select ‘Enter address manually’
  • Enter your BFPO Postal Address
  • Enter your BFPO postcode in the ‘UK Postcode’ field
  • Enter your unit address in the Street, Town & County fields, for example:

Sgt Smith


SHAPE (Belgium)


Leave the country field as ‘UK’

For more help and information please see:

To apply for your GHIC card

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