European Joint Support Unit

European Joint Support Unit


This site contains Healthcare information relevant to everyone residing in European Joint Support Unit supported areas.  You will also find location-specific healthcare leaflets in the NSE location tabs.  For more patient focused information you can also visit Defence Primary Healthcare’s My Healthcare Hub on Defence Gateway.

The Senior Medical and Nursing Officer employed by DPHC work closely with EJSU. We are involved in medical support decisions; provide clinical support to the practices and direct to EJSU chains of command, areas and patients.  There are three main UK practices who provide care for the EJSU population.  with further information at the practices tab.

DIN 2019-01-160 ‘Health Service Support for Personnel Assigned to European Joint Support Unit (EJSU) Locations’ explains provision of care and entitlement in more detail.

Defence Primary Healthcare – Provide and commission safe and effective healthcare which meets the needs of the patient and the chain of command

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