Explaining the new Local Overseas Allowance

From 1 July 2021, the way in which the Armed Forces’ Local Overseas Allowance (LOA) is calculated will be changing. The new model will mean that all Service Personnel claimants of LOA, and their families, will receive a fair and sustainable contribution towards necessary additional living costs when serving overseas. Eligibility for LOA will remain the same, and it will still be paid at a daily rate with additional payments based on circumstances. However, LOA will no longer be banded by rank – so all claimants will receive their core LOA at the same daily rate. The new rates will be published in early June 2021. To understand the new LOA package please watch this video which explains the policy in detail, or search LOA on gov.uk.

Using official MOD IT, the following link will take the viewer to the MOD’s Microsoft Stream page where the video is ready to run: https://web.microsoftstream.com/video/37a8f1a0-38bf-4bb6-85eb-aff26d0afa26

To comply with Departmental guidance on accessibility to such products, the video script for anyone who has difficulty in listening to the voiceover can be found here on EJSU’s area of Defence Connect.

The presentation has also been uploaded to the RAF Comms Sharepoint site at: https://modgovuk.sharepoint.com/sites/IntranetRAF/SitePages/Local-Overseas-Allowance-is-changing-on-1-July.aspx. Again, this will need an official IT device for access.