You should all have seen the recent SNR Note on SHAPE Vehicle Registrations informing us all of our legal responsibility to register our Privately Owned Vehicles (POV).  With the start of the Summer churn for assignments just around the corner, as well as the restrictions on our social interaction for those who have arrived in SHAPE over the last 12 months, it is a timely reminder of the rules surrounding the registration of POV’s on assignment to SHAPE and EJSU.

As the SNR has mentioned, there are two specific SHAPE Directives that cover our legal status, registration (of personnel and vehicles), entitlements and privileges that ALL Military and Civilian members of NATO Armed Forces stationed in Belgium, including their dependant family members, should make themselves aware of.  These are:

  • SHAPE Dir 100-002 – Vehicle Registration and Operation.
  • SHAPE Dir 100-001 – SHAPE Personnel Legal Status, Registration and Related Entitlements and Privileges.

The Directives cover the HN legal requirement to register all privately owned  motor vehicles (POV), trailers, electric cycles and mopeds and gives the parameters of the provision of tax free fuel for our personal use linked to that registration.  Failure to comply to these Directives could lead to discipline action or further sanctions by the CO, SHAPE and/or the HN Federal Police so it is in our best interest to ensure we are fully conversant with the rules.  Please see the information below regarding what the rules say and how to complete the processes of Registration and de-Registration of your POV’s for your ease:

  • All SHAPE and EJSU personnel permanently assigned are personally responsible to the Belgium authorities for compliance with Belgium laws and regulations concerning vehicle registration, operation and disposal.
  • All vehicles, normally used or located in Belgium, are to be registered.  Applications to register must be started within 90 days of the vehicles importation into Belgium or procurement in Belgium (or other EU countries), and must be started regardless of the operational state of the vehicle.  You must be in receipt of your SHAPE ID and the vehicle must be CT’d iaw Belgium regulations prior to booking your vehicle registration appointment.  Appointments can be booked via SHAPE2 Day and further information on what documentation you should take to your appointment can be found here – remember to read the section From NON-EU now that the UK has exited the EU.
  • Once registered all SHAPE and EJSU personnel permanently assigned must renew their registration each time their insurance is renewed, diarise your annual insurance review date to book an appointment for renewal of your registration.  Insurance must be valid and recognised in Belgium and you will need a Green Card from your Insurance company. 
  • Registration must also be renewed on an extension in post or on an internal move to another entitled PID.  Renewals are to be started at least 10 days prior to expiry to avoid any issues.  If a renewal is not started in a timely manner, and the registration expires, it will result in a full ‘initial’ registration process to be completed including the relevant charges so ensure you book a Vehicle Registration appointment after your SHAPE ID has been extended.
  • The SHAPE Vehicle registration system allows our personnel to be exempt from certain elements of the Belgian permanent vehicle registration system and allows for the purchase of tax free fuel cards for both permanent and temporary vehicles (i.e. hire cars).   This entitlement is only for a POV that has been registered.  The AMIS card will be enabled for fuel purchase on registration of the vehicle, this provision The provision of Tax Free fuel is strictly for personal use and for a registered vehicle.  Purchase of tax free fuel for use within a non-registered POV, is against the law and the person buying and/or using the tax free fuel will be subject to National and SHAPE disciplinary action and possible Host Nation penal/fiscal sanctions.  Abuse may lead to the withdrawal of all, or some, of the entitled privileges.
  • SHAPE and EJSU personnel permanently assigned are entitled to own, and register, at any time, two POV purchased free of taxes providing it is for personal use mainly in Belgium.  This Tax-Exemption will only be valid when the POV is registered at SHAPE.
  • Registration of POVs under this directive gives you ‘temporary’ registration in Belgium and will allow you to be exempt from import taxes on your first vehicle.  On permanent departure from SHAPE you must de-register your vehicle via the GEO.  The process needs to be started 6 weeks prior to departure and will result in you leaving Belgium with a UK registered vehicle so you can hand in your Belgium plates before travel.

Further advice and guidance can be found on SHAPE2 Day website or +32 (0) 6544 5147 / 834/ (fast lane).

Debs / Mrs F

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