1.       New location.  For symptomatic patients assessment is now conducted at the white ‘ARC’ building at the end of SHAPE healthcare facility.  Asymptomatic testing is conducted in the corridor adjacent to the ARC.

2.       Duty travel.  It is a personal responsibility to establish the type of test required for your journey and the NSE have provided detail on local sites. There are also some changes to testing on SHAPE:

a.       PCR.  The volume of PCR testing in the US labs on SHAPE means that test results for travel may only be available at 48-72 hours.  Local private options are likely to be better for those needing a PCR result in a short timeframe.

b.      Rapid Antigen Tests.  These are now quick and well-priced at local private centres and accepted at many borders.  For UK clinic patients who are travelling on duty, we can offer UK medical supervision and certification for those with EJSU-supplied lateral flow tests. This is in designated clinics and should be booked through the UK Medical Centre Reception on (0) 6544 x 5824.

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