You will have heard that JCVI having given direction (here) for 16 & 17 year old’s to be offered the Pfizer vaccine. The Department for Health is currently planning this in the UK and we are also planning, with FCDO, how we can safely deliver vaccines to younger age groups overseas.  The access and logistics are not yet in place for MoD delivery overseas.

In Europe and Turkey we are fortunate that many host nations are offering Pfizer BioNTech (Comirnaty)  to young people so many of our young people have taken up the offer already. The administrative advantage of host nation immunisation is that there will be automatic inclusion in the host nation record.


  1. Please ensure you and your child have considered a Host nation offer of Pfizer immunisation and taken it up if you wish to. The Host Nation offer is our primary means of access to Pfizer.
  2. If the offer is not available in your area get in touch so that we can plan. 
  3. The details of any immunisation undertaken in the host nation (including type, batch number and date of expiry) should be sent to  in order that we can update your Defence medical and NHS record if possible. NB. We are not yet able to include those aged 12-15 in the NHS system as these age groups are not yet in scope in the UK.  

MoD view for those who wish it:  JSP 950, Leaflet 7-1-1 (linked on ModNet here): So long as the HN-provided vaccine is compliant with the EMA/FDA/MHRA conditions of authorisation an individual (or the person with parental responsibility) can accept the offer of a HN vaccine under the principles of informed consent (noting that children aged 16-17 are generally competent to give their own consent).