You will all be aware of the progress concerning the GSO’s review – Project VULCAN. As the internal analysis has taken shape, there has been a growing amount of strategic level interest, this increased momentum has led to the direction from VCDS to conduct a wider review of support to all in the overseas population. I urge as many people as possible to provide honest and candid response by way of completing the staff survey. The results of the survey will be paired with the initial VULCAN considerations to provide VCDS with an informed impression of the needs and challenges that are faced by the people serving overseas. Please invest and encourage your staff to take the time to meet the deadlines of 11 Oct. It is my opinion that this review presents a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to have ‘our say’ and inform decisions.     

Please do not miss the opportunity for your voice to be heard.



Lt Col JFA Craven RA | Commanding Officer | European Joint Support Unit 

Vice Chief of Defence Staff survey of C2 and administration of personnel overseas

You have been selected to complete a survey commissioned by the Vice Chief of Defence Staff.

What is it all about?

As a Military or Civil Service person assigned overseas in a non-Operational post (or Permanent Joint Overseas Base) we need you to give us your feedback on your current command and administrative support arrangements. This survey will be sent to all 6,000+ Military and 900+ Civil Service personnel serving across the Globe. 

Your collated feedback will ultimately inform a VCDS commissioned report recommending the optimal command and administrative construct to support UK personnel overseas as the network develops over the coming years.

Why complete the survey?

This is your opportunity to feedback to highest echelons of Defence. If you have examples of where you believe the system in its current form has let you down, could be made more efficient, or has been so positive as to reaffirm your decision to stay in the military, please let us know. 

No personal attributable details you include will be in the final report, so we encourage you to be frank with your feedback.
The results of what you tell us will be considered when future policy decisions are looked at regarding overseas postings.

Due Date
Please respond by 11 Oct 21 so that your views can inform an interim report for VCDS in late Oct 21. 

The link to the survey can be accessed by clicking here or via scanning the QR code if you wish to complete it on a smartphone/tablet.

If you have any problems accessing, or questions pertaining to the survey, please contact Major Chris Nutting (UKStratCom-DirOB-VCDS-Study-SO2a)

Thank you.

Vice Chief of Defence Staff Study Team