Whilst overseas, Defence Primary Healthcare (Dental) (DPHC(Dental)) clinics should be used where available,

As there are no Service provision for dental care by Defence Primary Healthcare (Dental) clinics in ISODET locations, personnel are authorised to seek dental treatment from local civilian dental practitioners. Dental treatment is accessed via One HMG Healthline (HEALIX) and provided by local Host Nation dental practitioners.

Where DPHC dental clinics are not available and individuals not covered by One HMG Heathline (HEALIX) patients are authorised to independently access dental treatment from HN dental providers, with all dental care managed by the DPHC(Overseas) Dental ISODET Manager and Regional Senior Dental Officer (Rest of World) (RSDO(RoW)). MOD will only fund treatment that is clinically necessary to secure and maintain oral health in accordance with NHS(E) criteria. Treatment will be funded that is required to keep the mouth, teeth and gums healthy.

You will also find location-specific dental care leaflets in the NSE location tabs.  For more patient focused information you can also visit ISODET Dental Care -Rest of World page on My Healthcare Hub on Defence Gateway.