The guidance for SAF Swim tickets is:

  1. Each entitled SAF member may make ONE claim in each Financial Year (Apr-Mar).
  2. Entitled members will be reimbursed 50% of the ticket price, up to a maximum of €100.
  3. Reimbursement can only be made for swimming activities.
  4. Members may use whichever local swimming pool they prefer.  Suggested pools are Ramstein Aquatic Centre on Base or Azur in Town.  The prices for multiple use tickets (individual/family yearly pass at the Aquatics Centre or 30 swims at Azur), sits comfortably within the allowed maximum of €100 per entitled member.
  5. Reimbursement can be obtained by taking the original receipt to Di or John in the Cashiers Office.

SAF suggest if people intend to go to the swimming pool on a regular basis, they invest in a ‘multiple use ticket’.  I.E. People should be aware that if they pay for a single swim and request a 50% reimbursement, they can still only make one claim each FY.