Due to the hard work and generosity of the British Community at SHAPE over the years, the Mons Community Fund has, accumulated a sum of money to be donated to charity. Money raised for specific events and charities, including for the Royal British Legion, the Liam Tasker Fund, Share a Meal and IC3 has been paid to them but there is still money remaining that has been raised in smaller amounts over an extended period of time that is not attributable to any particular charity. This presents our community with an opportunity to nominate a charity (or charities) which could benefit from these funds (likely to be a grant of 500 Euros). Nominations may be for UK-based or local charities. 

Please use the form at the link below (find the Mons Community Fund tab in the link and then the charity nominations tab within that) to make your nomination before 31 Dec 22. Nominations will be reviewed in January and grants awarded by 31 Jan 23.

Yours sincerely,


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