European Joint Support Unit

European Joint Support Unit


The EJSU Chaplaincy Team

The team is currently made up of 2 full time commissioned chaplains. The senior chaplain is from the RAF (OF4) together with a Royal Army Chaplains Department (OF3). They are supported by 2 Officiating chaplains to the military one based in Naples and the other in Milan.

Our aim is to foster human flourishing with in the EJSU through: The nurturing of individuals in Body, Mind and Spirit and encouraging “Community Spirit”.

We Deliver: Pastoral care, Spiritual Support and Moral leadership to the Whole Force.

Meet the team

Who we are? What we do? How we do it?

Senior Chaplain
The Reverend (Wing Commander) David Norfield
tel:+32 470 66 45 82

Padre (Army) Maj Nia Williams 
Tel: +32 (0) 473 62 96 33 

Who looks after where?

Pastoral Care

Offering a listening ear to all.

Care for the wounded, sick, injured and bereaved.

Spiritual Support

We care about the spiritual needs of all personnel whatever their avowed faith or belief system.

Through our teaching programmes we aim to build spiritual resilience.

As Christian ministers we endeavour to offer traditional and innovative observance of spiritual and religious practice.

We regularly pray for you.

Moral Leadership

We aim to promote diversity in service life

Our teaching programmes promote the development skills that will enhance individuals and communities.

Through honest and open dialogue we will engage with all levels of the chain of command, speaking truth to power and upholding the needs (not necessarily the wants) of the vulnerable.

We aim to proactively uphold the highest standards of Safeguarding and creating safer spaces within our communities. 

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