European Joint Support Unit

European Joint Support Unit

To provide Firm Base support to Service Personnel, civilians and their families serving with NATO, the EU and elsewhere in Europe and Turkey, in order to facilitate success on operations



If you have features of COVID-19 you should:

* self-isolate yourself and your household
* distance yourself from other family members where possible
* phone your healthcare provider (or the number they have provided)
* follow their instruction once initial management is in place:
* Inform your line manager and the NSE of your absence
* Info to UK healthcare team or – clinician monitored

Public Health Advice

Host nation and regional public health direction guides management of suspected cases. Local base requirements may also direct your actions. For travel, country-specific direction is well signposted by FCDO.

Individual Measures

For guidance on individual measures (and the UK response) Public Health England is a useful portal although HN and base guidance may differ.   

Guidance for people who are potentially vulnerable to severe illness if they contract COVID-19

Those who are vulnerable must still undertake stricter measures to stay safe  and the clinically extremely vulnerable may review updated guidance for shielding personnel. Unless there are marked local changes in rates of COVID it is reasonable to use this as a guide in other EJSU-supported regions. This must be in conjunction with local healthcare and government advice for your personal situation.


EJSU med will collate significant case info.  Any confidential information must be treated as such and patients will not be identified. To allow us to best support you and monitor trends your medical provider or manager will inform the Medical team. Any concerns, questions or information on local care or testing strategies may be directed to – account monitored by clinical staff only

Access to usual care

Your healthcare remains important.  Most practices are teleworking to reduce the risk of COVID for patients and staff. It is essential to continue to seek care when you need it, plan and request repeat prescriptions early to mitigate any supply issues.  Many hospitals have reduced services  and will have long delays relating to some elective procedures and consultations.  If you have a pending hospital appointment, you should ensure you monitor and adhere to any pre-quarantine, testing requirements or governmental travel considerations.


If you are going to hospital – or if you are going for assessment with your GP and may go to hospital, then carry a stocked bag. Assume that you will be unable to receive anything or see anyone and that the infrastructure and food will be different from your usual expectation. Include snacks, washbag, clothing and phone-charging and assume there will be no wall power.

If guidance is in HN language, the HNLO may be requested to interpret. NSEs and ISODET cell may request translations through the COVID-Ops. NB. advice in English may not be as up to date. 

Some CEP countries use ECDC/WHO guidance so are not included separately.  

CountryCOVID-19 Information Websites
ItalyWhere to get an English Certificate
Basic English Translation :
United Kingdom