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European Joint Support Unit


This page contains claim guides and HR tools that will enable you to conduct HR actions remotely and at a time that suits yourself.


Please select the applicable guide from the headings below:

Arrivals Claim Guide

This guide will provide direction on how to claim for the costs incurred when travelling to SHAPE on assignment.

Respite Provision Guides

Below you will see two separate documents that will guide you through the use of RP.

These guides are designed to supplement the guidance found within JSP 752. Before submitting any claim please consult JSP 752 to establish your entitlements.

RP Journey Application explains how to apply for journey approval prior to travel.

The RP Calculator will allow you to compare your actual journey against your capped costs. This will dictate what you claim for.

This RP Claim Guide explains how to place your claim onto JPA.

Get You Home (Overseas)

The GYH(O) Calculator will allow you to compare your actual journey to the notional journey. This will dictate what you claim for.

GYH(O) Claim Guide, explains how to place your claim onto JPA following completion of the GYH(O) calculator.

School Children’s Visits (SCV)

The SCV Calculator will allow you to compare your actual journey to the notional journey. This will dictate what you claim for.

SCV Claim Guide, explains how to place your claim onto JPA following completion of the SCV calculator.

Apply for Second Vehicle Supplement (SVS)

In accordance with the new LOA regulations accompanied personnel in PStat Cat 1, 1S or 1C may be eligible for an additional daily contribution towards the cost of running and maintaining a second vehicle whilst on an overseas assignment.

For the purposes of SVS a vehicle is defined as a machine with wheels and an engine used to convey people or goods (e.g. car, van, campervan, motor bike) for personal use.  You may not register a vehicle used for a business.

To initially claim you will be required to provide a copy of the Belgian Registration Document and Insurance Green Card for both vehicles.  This will need to be produced annually for continued payment and you are advised to note the date of your initial claim and set a reminder to provide the NSE with the new documents one month prior to the renewal date.

More locations will be added in the future.
The date you are due to depart, sometimes known as End of Tour Date.
If assigned prior to 01 Jul 21 set this date to 01 Jul 21. If assigned after this date the start date will be set to when both vehicles are registered at the location.
Get You Home (Belgian Commuting Allowance)

Please read this guide to understand your potential entitlement to GYH (BCA) and the impact of other allowance if you wish to enrol in the allowance.

If you wish to enrol into GYH(BCA) you will need to complete this application form and provide proof of your qualifying residence. Two pieces of proof are required the first being a copy of the council tax bill with the second being one of the following:

–  Mortgage documents, or Land Registry documents, or Ground Rent.

–  Tenancy Agreement, including full details of the property.

–  Utility bill (gas, electric, water, telephone but not mobile phone) (to be dated within the last 4 months)

–  Buildings and/or contents insurance (for the current year)

–  Direct Debit or Giro bank evidence of payment of any of the Group Two documents above (to be dated within the last 4 months)

Once you have completed the application form and collated your evidence please send these to ensuring that your subject states your Rank, Name, Number and ‘GYH(BCA) Application


Effective 10 Jan 2022 EJSU Leave Standing Order 1021 allows three days travelling time to be issued per leave year for eligible journeys. This entitlement is only for Service Personnel posted to SHAPE.

To gain one days travelling time you must meet the following criteria:

  • The journey was to a registered address (NOK, parents or privately maintained home)
  • The leave period must be for a minimum of five working days (not including any days to be credited)
  • The journey must be beyond the borders of Belgium

To apply for travelling time please complete the application form below.

Travel Time Application Form
Please enter your MOD Staff number here.
If you have had three or more travelling time days this leave year you have reached your max entitlement, please stop this application now.
Input the start and end dates of the leave period that you are claiming for, which must be at least five working days.
Input the start and end dates of the leave period that you are claiming for, which must be at least five working days.
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ECA LOA Survey

As you know, the revised mechanism for Local Overseas Allowance (LOA) is based on data provided commercially by Employment Conditions Abroad International (ECA). ECAs cost of living data is updated bi-annually by reference to – among other sources – the results of surveys completed by the employees (in this case you) of their clients (Defence). Information provided by Service Personnel (SP) like yourselves helps to make sure that ECA’s indices reflect the modern lifestyle including your shopping preferences and the living conditions you experience on the ground.

Defence Business Services would like to request your participation in ECA’s Sept 2022 cost of living survey. Input from this survey helps to establish the cost of living indices used in calculating LOA rates. The data collected from SP assigned overseas will be valuable in calculating LOA and this is your chance to contribute to that process.

As LOA is based on a generic overseas cost of living, prices must not be sourced from any military bases or facilities (e.g., BFPO, NAAFI, RIS, BX or Commissary) but from commercial outlets. Travel to collect prices will not be considered as duty travel.  Personnel can join forces and submit a ‘team’ survey with members of the ‘team’ completing their own sections which can be collated together to reduce the impact of completing the survey (which is a little daunting at first glance).  Changes were made from the previous survey so please do take the time to take part and have your say.  CHANGE CAN ONLY HAPPEN WITH ACTIVE INVOLVEMENT FROM THE COMMUNITY – DON’T JUST COMPLAIN – HAVE YOUR SAY!

Please collect prices by 16th September and return the questionnaires by 22nd September. Please send the completed surveys to: (cc in the If participants have questions about the process of completing the survey, or need more time to take part, they may contact ECA at the same E-Mail address.

As a thank you to participants, ECA will be conducting a prize draw for all respondents after the survey, with multiple prizes available for the winners.  This is the second review in 2022 so huge thanks from those who participated back in Mar, there were no prizes last time so feel free to join in again 😊.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch with ECA directly at the above email address if you have any questions or contact the NSE for more general LOA questions as necessary.

The links to the Survey and the Guidelines are below.

Thank you in advance for your participation.

Please fill in the following form if you intend to complete the ECA Survey:

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The Armed Forces Pension Society will be giving two ‘virtual’ pension briefings on 31 Oct 22.  These will cover:

  • AFPS 75/15 @ 1100 hrs CET
  • AFPS 05/15 @ 1500 hrs CET

The aim of the presentations is to:

  • Help personnel understand better the benefits of their Armed Forces Pension Schemes.
  • Provide the latest information on key pension issues, including the McCloud case concerning the age discrimination ruling in respect to AFPS 15.
  • Give guidance on how to access information on pension entitlements, including State Pension.
  • Advise on top tips to help personnel plan their financial future (for example, how personnel can obtain Armed Forces pension forecasts and make personal contributions to their 2015 AFPS); and

The presentations will be given via Microsoft Teams which can be accessed via MODNet or personal computer, please complete the form below to attend: