European Joint Support Unit

European Joint Support Unit

SHAPE Rapid Antigen Travel Testing

Rapid Antigen Travel Testing

Testing requirements have changed once more which we recognise will affect those travelling to and from the UK. Your medical team have made an effort to support testing where possible across the last year and we continue with PCR testing for symptomatic people and contacts. However, we do not have the staff to provide travel testing options routinely, doing so would force us to reduce other medical support. Current demand on healthcare is very high and we are running a COVID immunisation programme here and across Europe that also restricts our staffing.  We cannot provide PCR tests as these are analysed in the US system and we cannot guarantee results arriving in time for travel nor prioritise their workload.

Now the better news and an offer…..  

Duty travel testing is refundable and very local options are now accessible, quick and better value than before (Soignies 16 Euro, local pharmacies c30 Euro for Rapid Antigen tests). SHAPE NSE has a guide on options, available in the Mons area of

However, noting the proximity of holidays and the time involved in obtaining tests, we have managed to put together a short term offer for those who are undertaking duty travel including SCV, compassionate, TDY.

For those who fit these criteria you may SIGN UP BELOW.  It is on a first come – first served basis.  If there are no suitable slots remaining and you are genuinely unable to access local testing facilities, you may approach the SMO or SNR to request particular consideration.

This testing option is not linked to a QR code but can be certificated. It  allows medical ratification of a clinically conducted lateral flow rapid antigen test so is not conducted by an official test centre but meets the mandated standards for testing. It is for the traveller to check the relevant border regulations.  Please do make sure this offer will work for your travel requirements before you book.

Please refrain from calling or emailing the medical centre about travel testing as the reception staff cannot offer you this facility themselves but are there to arrange healthcare and the immunisation programme.  

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