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European Joint Support Unit

To provide Firm Base support to Service Personnel, civilians and their families serving with NATO, the EU and elsewhere in Europe and Turkey, in order to facilitate success on operations




Information correct as at 12 Jan 21

This information is only for personnel reimporting a personal vehicle to the UK from another EU member state (excluding vehicles registered in Cyprus, or through the BFG system) and after BREXIT. For vehicles that have never been registered within the UK please go to the HMRC Website ( for further guidance.   

PLEASE NOTE: The registration process is only to be started once the vehicle is physically in the UK. 

Personnel that are required to deregister their vehicles prior to returning the vehicle to the UK, either on assignment due to the vehicle being registered on diplomatic (CD), Mil Cover Plate users etc. and/or are mid-tour, please contact the EJSU Vehicle Registration officer

( for bespoke guidance.

Options for HM Forces bringing vehicles into GB from the EU.

Transfer of Residence (TOR) Relief – Personnel need to make an online application to the TOR team and once this has been agreed, then send the appropriate paperwork with the TOR Reference Number to the Cars Team sent to  HM Revenue & Customs, Car Team, Level 3, Erskine House, 20-32 Chichester Street, Belfast, BT1 4GF.

Returned Goods Relief (RGR) – this is less likely but if claimed all the appropriate documentation along with a C179B (available online) should be sent to the Cars Team at the above address.

Not claiming any form of relief (probably unlikely), the appropriate documentation along with a C384 should be sent to the Cars Team at the above address

HM Forces Personnel bringing vehicles into Northern Ireland from the EU Are to speak to the MTWO to discuss the process

Address of Car Team

HM Revenue & Customs
Car Team
Level 3
Erskine House
20-32 Chichester Street

When the application is sent to HMRC you are to include copies of the following support documentation:

  • Passport
  • Current registration documents
  • Invoice (if you have it)
  • It is not essential, but include any copies of the original UK registration documentation that you may have (i.e. a copy of your old V5 or VX302)

For vehicles 6 months old (or less) and/or have completed 6000 kms (or less) they are also to include a tax exemption certificate from the country that the vehicle is being exported.  For those within Belgium or anyone uncertain where to obtain the certificate, please liaise with EJSU Vehicle Registration officer (

The application will be processed within 48 (working) hrs of being received by HMRC. They will email the EJSU Vehicle Registration officer once the application has been processed with the Clearance Number.  In addition, they will attempt to inform you by phone and send a letter confirming to your UK address.


Once HMRC NOVA confirmation is received, you can proceed to register your vehicle with the DVLA using form V55/5. For vehicles in excess of 3 years old, an MOT must also be carried out prior to the Form V55/5 being sent.  To MOT the vehicle please request that the inspecting station use the vehicle chassis number as opposed to the European vehicle registration number. The Form V55/5 can be downloaded from the DVLA website:

The fields on the example V55/5 that are not completed are not essential and intentionally blank. If you have the information feel free enter it, but the areas marked with crosses must be completed.

Once the V55/5 has been completed, the MOT successfully passed and the vehicle insured for the UK, please send the form, including the supporting documentation to the following address (you are strongly advised to use recorded delivery):

Specialist Registration Team
Floor D11

Supporting Documentation:

  • Fee for road tax (cheque or postal order)
  • NOVA Letter or NOVA Ref No (will be given to you once the NOVA application is completed)
  • MOT test certificate ((Copy)if required)
  • NATO ID and/or MoD Form 90 (Copy)
  • Passport (Copy)
  • Current registration documents (Original)
  • Invoice ((Copy)if you have it)
  • Any copies of the original UK registration documentation that you may have (i.e. a copy of your old V5 or VX302).  It is not essential but may assist DVLA.
  • Proof of address i.e. Letter from car dealer, DIO MQ allocation letter, utility bill etc.

It usually takes between 5 to 14 (working days) for DVLA to process your application but depending on backlog has taken in excess of 45 days.  Hence, providing as much information as possible in the supporting documentation.

Once the V5 is received, the UK plates are to be fitted to the vehicle (The VRN is likely to be the original UK registration number if previously registered).  The foreign registration plates are to be returned to where you registered the vehicle when assigned overseas.

EJSU Vehicle Registration Officer contact number is: +32 (0) 475 55 66 30