Updated – 23 December 2020

The initial 48-hour border closure that the French Government put in place have now ceased. Colleagues at the Embassy and in the UK have been working intensively with French counterparts to agree a testing regime that will allow the resumption of movement of both passengers and freight into France.

  • With effect with midnight 22 December, the UK-France border will re-open – but with significant restrictions. Travel will be restricted to: French nationals, their spouses and children; and permanent residents of France, the European Union or the European Area, plus a small number of exemptions – please refer to the Travel Advice pages.
  • All travellers will need to have evidence of a negative Covid test, including children over the age of 11. This can be either a PCR test or an antigen test from one of the authorised providers, but must be taken within 72 hours of boarding. Transiting France from the UK will also be possible.  These rules will be in place until at least 6 January.  

Find more Travel Guidance on the COVID Travel Guidance pages