Many of you may have already seen that as of 12 Aug 21 the Belgium Government agreed to accept the NHS Vaccination certificate for travel, this information can be found at

So What??

Where the website mentions ‘a vaccination certificate’ the NHS Certificate will be accepted in that context.  The ‘or equivalent’ also means the NHS Certificate.  When undertaking any form of travel you should still continue to check the rules of the country of departure and the destination country before travel to ensure you have the most up to date information. 

Points to note:

  • The NHS certificate has an expiry date so ensure you print a new one for your travel. 
  • Printed copies are more widely preferred than using a screen shot on a phone.
  • The NHS App still is not accessible for those of us in the overseas space.
  • The Belgium Digital Key activation is still a useful tool for obtaining test results from HN PCR/Antigen tests.
  • The TousAntiCovid App (France) will upload an NHS vaccination certificate and has been proven for use in France (Tile 1).
  • Follow the SNR’s note (attached) when arranging travel (Tile2).
  • The Medical team are working with SHAPE to upload NHS certificates onto, continue to send your consent for information sharing (tile 3).
  • Use the following link to obtain the relevant information as to whether you can travel or visitors can travel to Belgium to stay with you: