Covid-19 Booster:

  • Initial date for EJSU Med personnel at Ramstein to deliver booster is 6 Dec, however, the following caveats apply:
    • It will be for personnel who have had over 6 months + since their second vaccination (this is a UK NHS requirement).
      • Therefore, all personnel who had their second vaccination on 16 Jul will not qualify.
    • It will be for personnel 40 years and over, regardless of when you had your second vaccination.  Therefore, if you are over 40 and are fortunate enough to be married to someone under 40 they will not be eligible to receive the vaccine (even if they are beyond the 6+ months).  The only caveats are as follows:
      • Aged 16 and over with a Health Condition that puts you at risk from COVID-19.
  • Booster date for personnel and spouses who will be within the 6 + month timeframe on 6 Dec or are under 40:
    • The plan is for EJSU to travel to Ramstein week beginning 10 Jan 22 to deliver the booster.  However, the date of event or age of recipient is to be confirmed.   
  • Booster vis GER means:
    • As you will be aware the GER authorities are offering the booster, the following guidelines are from EJSU Health:
      • UK personnel are welcome to take a Host Nation offer of a booster vaccine, however, they should wait until at the 6+ months point.  It is not recommended by the UK JVCI to receive this any earlier. 
      • If UK personnel take this offer up they are to ensure details are recorded and then sent onto Susan Soles (cc’d) at Ramstein for inclusion in UK records. 
      • Pfizer is the preferred booster option, if offered Moderna it should be ½ dose in line with UK JCVI.

Policy for children’s vaccinations:

  • We are still awaiting UK guidance on the Covid policy for children and how they intend to deliver vaccinations. 

Covid Restrictions:

  • You will have seen the recent e-mail regarding Covid policy, isolation rules and testing.   Please ensure you follow the guidance.

Any questions use Sqn Ldr Brian Collins or Susan Soles.