The revised mechanism for Local Overseas Allowance (LOA) is based on data provided commercially by Employment Conditions Abroad International (ECA). ECAs cost of living data is updated bi-annually by reference to – among other sources – the results of surveys completed by the employees (in this case you) of their clients (Defence). Information provided by Service Personnel (SP) like yourselves helps to make sure that ECA’s indices reflect the modern lifestyle including your shopping preferences and the living conditions you experience on the ground. 

The 2nd review of the year is now live and requires your support.  All community members can complete the survey either individually or as a group and are strongly encouraged to do so, this is our only mechanism for change by showing what our actual spending consists of and how the rise of the cost of living is affecting us.

More information, including access to the survey and guide, can be found at the link:  https://www.ejsu.net/shape-claims-guides/